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Q.1 Should I try to sell my timeshare myself?
Q.2 How can I find a timeshare REALTOR to help me if I want to SELL?
Q.3 How do I find a timeshare REALTOR to help me when I want to BUY?
Q.4 Tell me about Rii® Stroman.
Q.5 What service does Stroman provide?
Q.6 What are my marketing advantages?
Q.7 How do I get started?

Q.1. Should I try to sell my timeshare myself?

You KNOW you have to advertise to get MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for your property to sell it. So, you place an ad in a major national newspaper. (USA Today minimum rate for 4 lines is $236.00 per day, which is $944.00 Mon.-Thurs!) For your advertising to be effective, it definitely needs to be "national" in scope because Buyers literally come from all over the world! According to Stroman... We advertise every day of the year & reach 12 to 15 million potential buyers! Also, our direct mail operation reaches over 350,000 potential Buyers each month! As a result, we receive over 20,000 calls a month from people with an interest in timeshare!
You wait at home, stay by the phone hoping an interested Buyer will call you. We're open MONDAY THRU SATURDAY with Professional REALTORS® at the phones talking to Buyers!
When the buyer calls, then you have to SELL him on it, tell him how GREAT it is, how much FUN he can have & how much MONEY he'll be saving! Our Agents are knowledgeable & experienced--they know WHAT to say & HOW to say it to get your property sold!
(You'd love to turn this over to your local real estate broker; but you find they're just not familiar with timeshares or camping memberships and really don't know where to begin to help you!) So..... you venture out on your own to try and locate a Title Company experienced in closing vacation resort property. We're SPECIALISTS in reselling individually- owned Timeshares and we've dedicated ALL of our company's efforts to the resale industry since 1979.
You suddenly realize that Title companies experienced in closing these properties simply don't just "jump out & grab you" -- they're few & far between and..... now you begin to wonder what you've gotten yourself into! We know & work with the best & most expedient title companies "specializing" in Timeshare Sales. We deal with them daily!
You think, maybe you'd better get in touch with a lawyer to make sure that all your interests are protected.... but...that's really taking money away from what you had hoped to net from the sale. Our company policy is that every Agent be a LICENSED REALTOR! And our fiduciary responsibility is to the SELLER!
Whew! And STILL, the title has to be transferred, the Deed has to be recorded, the funds have to be collected from the buyer, and on and on and on! (Then, there's the Internet! Good luck getting noticed.) We know & appreciate what it takes to get a Timeshare sold in the Secondary Market. We're the experts--we do it every day!

Q.2. How can I find a timeshare REALTOR to help me if I want to SELL?

The sale of your Timeshare is of tremendous importance to one person -- you! If your resort does not have a resale program available, where do you turn? Do you try to sell timeshare it yourself? That's too expensive and impractical. Finding a sales representative who shares your interest is by far the most effective and expedient way to get your property on the market and available to buyers. Here are some suggestions to help you locate the right company to market and help sell your property.

Choose a Professionally Licensed Real Estate Company

There are some resale companies in the timeshare secondary market who are not licensed real estate brokers. To protect your interests and to ensure ethical and competent marketing practices, simply assure yourself that you will choose a company that is in fact a licensed real estate broker.

Remember - Timeshare is a Specialized Field of Real Estate. So... Choose a Specialist!

The vacation timeshare resale market is not at all like "selling the house down the street!" It is a specialized field of real estate that requires specialized marketing expertise. The resale industry is international in scope and has unique characteristics requiring extensive knowledge and experience.

  • Inexperience in this field of sales can be very detrimental to both buyer and seller.
  • Not many real estate companies are "resort-knowledgeable" nor do they fully understand the various concepts of timesharing.
  • Most do not have the extensive international advertising and marketing capabilities necessary to maximize exposure of your property in order to create the responses required.
Therefore, concentrate exclusively on licensed real estate companies that specialize in timeshare resales.

Sellers.... You Need to Ask Questions And Feel at Ease With the Answers You Receive.

When you contact an independent resale company, following are some recommended, sample questions to ask them:
  • How long has your company been in business?
  • Has it been under original management during that period?
  • Do all of your Sales Associates hold a real estate license?
  • Are you a member of the National Association of Realtors?
  • In what other professional organizations do you have membership?
  • How will you advertise my property?
  • Will I be notified with all offers on my property?
  • When a buyer is found, do you have ready access to Title Companies who specialize in closing Timeshare? Will I have to be present at the closing?
  • How long after it goes to title can I expect funding?

Q.3. How do I find a timeshare REALTOR to help me when I want to BUY?

Buying a vacation timeshare is probably one of the smartest vacation-related steps you will ever take; and buying on the "secondary market" from individual owners is one of the wisest moves you will ever make! Here are some of the reasons why vacation ownership is in such demand:


Said simply, "Timesharing is buying only that period of time (your share) of a beautiful resort which you can sensibly use during the year." It makes economical sense. Upgrade your vacation to enjoy a fully equipped condominium resort experience and delight in the exclusive atmosphere of your very own resort. No more overpriced, cramped hotel/motel rooms! Remember, you can save money by putting your vacation dollars into something that is yours to enjoy year after year!


There are many excellent bargains available in the timeshare secondary market. The very same timeshare accommodations that you would purchase direct from a resort -- can be purchased from an individual owner generally at extremely attractive prices through a resale company. Remember... when it comes to Vacation Ownership, Resale beats Retail!


The choice is yours. Whether you seek elegant accommodations at exotic destinations or a rustic mountain cabin near a clear, beautiful lake; if it's world class entertainment or a romantic getaway; sunny beaches or the excitement of the ski slopes, there is a resort tailor-made for YOU! Many resorts have amenities such as kitchens (where you won't be forced to expensively dine out), saunas, fireplaces, playgrounds, washers, dryers, athletic facilities, etc. Options include one, two and three bedroom facilities. These are among the many reasons why Vacation Ownership has attracted over 3.1 million households!

  • Whether you are a "seasoned" buyer (vacation timeshares are usually purchased in increments of one week; however, many owners have multiple weeks for their use during the year) or if you are taking advantage of timesharing opportunities for the very "first-time", vacation ownership offers you flexibility, convenience, security and the confidence that your vacations will be guaranteed for you and your family. No more reservation mixups or getting "bumped" due to overbooking. Hassle-free vacations are great!
  • Another big plus to vacation ownership is the exchange feature. You can spend one vacation at the beach and the next one, through your exchange privilege, at a comparable resort on the ski slopes, at a theme park, etc.
  • If your "home resort" is close to your city of residence, typically, you can take advantage of your resort's amenities year round (i.e. boat launch, marina, tennis courts, golf course, swimming pool, picnics, athletic facilities, etc.)

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