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We welcome prospective writers! Here is some information that may be helpful to you if you are considering contributing content to Regular contributors come to us from various walks of life -- they are professionals or professors who have real-world experience and the ability to write compelling pieces.

We are interested in expanding our contributor list by publishing timely, well-written articles by one-time or guest authors. We are open to longer-term assignments as well. We prefer writers who are enjoy what they do, and who enjoy the process of educating, and entertaining others. publishes articles on a broad range of timesharing issues, from ownership to exchanging. Each month, we publish one or two broader, big-picture articles, balancing them with a collection of more focused how-to articles that are the primary content of the site. We search for new and different pieces that aren't simply the same content found on other timesharing sites. (To get an idea of the previous issues we've covered recently, click here.)

Please refrain from bios that distort your credibility. Remember -- less is more. Your audience will respect you more for your understated approach.

Writer Guidelines and FAQs:

  • Shoot for an article length of 400-800 words. Think short, bullet points. After all, this is the web.
  • Send articles to the Content Coordinator in Word or text format (File Uploader coming soon). If you need to put links in the text, put them in parentheses next to the word/s you want linked - do not embed them in a Word document. No .PDF files, please.
  • Copyright is retained by the writer, not The We may, however, seek permission to reprint your piece in companion or other educational materials.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Content Coordinator

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