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WOW! What an issue! This is the premiere issue of and it is loaded with information. We have articles from three of the most recognized names in the timeshare industry. We have an interview with the president of the largest resale brokerage in the industry and we don't stop there. This issue has interesting stories and facts that will inform, educate, and entertain you on many aspects of the timeshare industry.
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The Search Is On
As the timesharing industry positions itself for the new century, the future is bright and the opportunities are virtually endless. Tremendous growth has created unexpected challenges when it comes to staffing timeshare and related companies. Unemployment in the United States is at a 28-year low, holding steady at just above four percent nationally, and that isnt expected to change in the near future.
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Creative Thinking Results in Hidden Marketing Opportunities

As the vacation ownership business nears its third decade of existence, our industry has matured in many ways. Today’s product is better designed and better managed. But while we have thankfully shed some of the less-than-desirable lead generation practices of yesteryear, it seems that we’ve taken an eternity to create and implement more original, cost-effective sales and marketing strategies. Perhaps some reflection on our past progresses will help stimulate some creative thinking for the future.

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How Timesharing Began
The timeshare industry was born in the early 1960s when Alexander Nette, of Germany, developed the concept at a hotel he managed in Ticino, in the Swiss Alps. His creation led to the development of Hapimag Company, which is still a major player in the European timeshare Industry.
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Getting to the Point: The Future Impact of New-Era Points-Based Vacation Clubs
Timesharing has come a long way since its inception during the 1960s. The industry's reputation has improved, while notoriety has declined. One key factor is the advent and evolution of state timeshare regulations, with some federal regulatory and enforcement impact as well. While much of this activity has occurred in the United States, timeshare regulation has grown and evolved in the global marketplace as well.
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Maintenance Fees
Everyone who has ever been through a timeshare sales presentation has become acquainted with the term "maintenance fee" or "assessment". Also, anyone who has ever owned a condo unit knows the term. Otherwise, it may be a strange term, and even those who know it may not know how it operates as to timeshare properties. Yet it's very important, and anybody involved in timeshare should have a good working knowledge of this subject.
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Taking Full Advantage
As vacationers are becoming more knowledgeable about timesharing, more and more people are taking advantage of the fact that the timeshare resale market offers them the same product as the resort itself offers – except generally at a reduced price.
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A Timeshare Trade to Inverness by the Sea
In May of 2002, my wife and I exchanged through RCI into Inverness by the Sea, Galveston, Texas for a week. Galveston is the main city of Galveston Island, one of several barrier islands along the Texas Gulf Coast. It is about 45 miles from Houston and is an interesting and a fun place to visit. Inverness is a property of maybe about fifty condo units, all two bedroom, built on Seawall Boulevard. The neighborhood is largely developed and is convenient to stores, restaurants, and tourist venues. It is definitely part of the Galveston urban community. This is worth knowing, as some Island resorts are more isolated.
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