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Selling Timeshare
Sell TimeshareMarketing, Consulting, Selling, and Closing

Stroman is the recognized leader in the timeshare resales industry. Stroman is staffed with knowledgable and experienced timeshare specialists, who can help you buy and sell timeshare properties. Our internet presence allows timeshare properties to be viewed worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also use Direct mail, Magazines, and Newspapers (e.g., USA Today, etc). We spend millions of dollars every year on National and International marketing and advertising.

Buying Timeshare
Buy TimeshareBuy Resale -- Not Retail -- Own Your Own Vacation

Buy the same quality resort, the same quality amenities, and the same quality season from the convenience of your home or office. More space, more facilities, more amenities, and more choices.

Renting & Exchanging
Resorts vs. Hotels

Rii® Stroman rents vacation properties on behalf of individual owners. A timeshare typically offers more amenities and conveniences than a hotel room. Whether a first-time or a seasoned renter, or exchanger, we can help! Call (800)538-8684 .

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Trade your timeshare for land
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